Crossing the darkness.

I was part of a class of students in a prison camp disguised as a school. They brainwashed us from birth. We knew nothing different than what we were told. We lived in a makeshift somewhat modern city at the edge of a vast darkness. We spent most of our time in the "classroom" and..I am not sure about the rest. We probably slept in dormitories. Some of us. Others had families with houses. Some of us didn't, so we stayed at the school. 

When we were there we were controlled, observed, punished when necessary. Stern and cruel supervisors were always present. There was also the threat of the.."warden." He was insane. He was in charge, at the top, and he could do whatever he wanted, to anyone, at any time. We constantly lived under this threat of fear. 

There was nothing beyond the darkness at the edge of the city. It was unnatural, dangerous, deadly. We were forbidden from going there. We were forbidden from discussing it. We were frightened of it, always. We were forbidden from planning to go there, from wondering what it was or what was on the other side, and those that did swiftly disappeared.

One day I discovered that those who disappeared were not always killed by the warden.

The teenage boys that sat behind me in class were not hiding their secrets very well. They were confident and boisterous. I was friends with their little brothers, and so they occasionally included me in their fun, their little adventures or games or conversations. This time one of them slipped me a piece of paper with a code on it. 

Everything moved so very fast after that.

I was suspicious and afraid, more than I had ever been before, from the instant that the piece of paper touched my hand. 

I almost gave myself away because of that. My fear showed too clearly on my face for days after that, and while at night I was sneaking into hidden electronic messages on the computers and learning about those who had escaped before me, during the day I was avoiding the attention of the teachers and the warden. My vision was clearing, my mind was opening up, I was learning the truth, and it showed. 

The boy who gave me the note disappeared. I knew he had escaped the city. It seemed like this spurred the teachers and the warden into action and they came after me and the other boys one day on break, while we were at the computers. 

Of course, we ran.

By that time I knew of other people, families, those with strength and resources and who were good at hiding, that opposed the warden and knew the truth about the city. I sought them out, and they sheltered me for a short time. I never stayed in one place too long. After about a week I made it to the edge of the city. After that everything is a blur, a haze of uncertainty. I do not know if the dream-state induced by that darkness is natural, a side-effect of the destruction wrought on the land so long ago,or if it has been constructed by the awful city I escaped, but either way it is effective and powerful. I was in a sickly dream-haze for what seemed like days. Somehow I had the strength and fortitude to keep going forward, away from the city.

By the time I was found by someone on the other side I was too weak and lost in unreality to fight them, even though I feared they were my enemy. He wasn't. This older man's responsibility was finding escapees like me on the edge of the darkness and bringing them back to his settlement.

An enormous floating city. 

My life changed completely.

It was as if I could see clearly for the first time in my life, like a dense fog had lifted and I could see for miles and miles across the land. I saw the truth of the world for the first time. There was so much more than that awful mind-controlled city. We had been brought up to believe that there was the city, and that was all. But there is so much more.

A few of the students from my group who had disappeared over the past year were in this new floating settlement. I clung to them like my life depended on it. My sanity definitely did. They showed me how to adjust to an entirely new paradigm of living. 

The floating city travelled around the entire world, slowly, doing whatever it wished. It was an enormous secret. Several other stationary and safe settlements knew of it, but it was practically untouchable. It was such a relief not to be afraid anymore. I attended new classes with smiling teachers who showed me maps of the planet and let me ask as many questions as I wanted. 

Eventually, once I was accustomed to this new way of life, I helped the rescuers in the darkness. I was very good at it, very determined, and I was later given my own flying vehicle to lead a small team of people in searching for lost ones in the darkness, those who tried to escape the city. It was dangerous, and I became obsessed with it. I spent far too much time near the darkness, flying over it, trying to bring in as many lost kids as I could. I went on missions on my own, without telling anyone else where I was or what I was doing. I became a mystery, another lost soul who people had lost hope in. I nearly succumbed to the darkness. 

It took a near-fatal encounter with the warden to open my eyes again.

He was wandering the darkness like any other lost one searching for a way out of the city, but I knew it was him. I underestimated him. I tried to kill him right away, without even leaving my flying ship, but he was prepared. He was powerful, and had weapons I couldn't even imagine. I made so many mistakes. My ship crashed and he wasted no time in trying to overpower me and kill me. I struggled and fought and let the darkness inside me take over until he didn't stand a chance against my anger, my inner strength. I killed him with my bare hands. 

My ship was down. It could not fly. I once again had to find my way back to the other side of the darkness, on my own, lost and dreaming while awake. I was found by my once friends from the floating city; they took me back silently, saying nothing and asking no questions. I was very far gone into the dream-daze induced by the darkness by that time. 

Eventually I came out of it, and never left the floating city again. The darkness was always there, though, at the back of my mind, even if we were thousands of miles away. It was always there, waiting for me to come back, and get lost in it. 

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We were running.
We'd spent our lives running.
I was the only one that survived, in the end.
In the beginning there were hundreds of us. We were just like everyone else. We were the same. We were all human, living in this city, on Earth, together.
And then something happened.
And they were different. We were human, there was a little over a hundred of us left, but the rest of humanity had changed, just a little bit. They didn't think we were still alive. They didn't want us alive. I don't really understand what made us different, but it was important enough that they wanted us dead. 
So we hid. We snuck into the city, tried to live there, in the shadows and the dark corners and underground, because the land we came from couldn't support us. We did well, for a while. But someone told, someone couldn't keep a secret, and we were found out.
We ran, we fought, we lost some of our own.
About 5 of us made it out of the city, It was so hard.
We found forests to hide in, eventually. We trusted no one. We slept outside under the sky, afraid that at any second their airships would swoop down on us. I was restless and anxious for months on end, waiting for them to find us.
We made it to a new city. No one knew who we were. They didn't konw we were different. It was incredible. We were still suspicious, because the authorities had been informed of our escape and they still wanted us dead, but...the general public, they had no idea that we were supposedly different from them. We could blend right in with everyone else, and it wasn;t a problem. We snuck through the city for a few days, marveling at it. It was very different from the city we had known.
And then they found us, of course. I had been anxious fort he whole day, expecting something, suspicious of every new person we met. For good reason.
The authorities began the chase. They had weapons. Projectile weapons. Guns. I lose one more of my friends. only one left, and he was slow, and whiny, and I ran on without him while he trailed behind.
I ran, and ran, and hid, and ran. Eventually I hid in this restaurant/inn type building. But I was found out. I think I had wanted to be found. I sensed someone I could trust. I don't know how I knew but I did. I could trust him. He was very curious about me; he could tell I was different somehow. He found me hiding in the basement of the inn and curiously and nicely asked some questions. I answered t hem slowly, wide-eyed and suspicious, still. 
I could trust him. He would help me.
But his superiors weren't so sure. They just wanted me to leave. And he had to go too. They didn't want to get themselve sin trouble. I understood. We left. They still called the authorities 10 minutes after I left.
I ran again. He ran with me. He was so different from me; I was curious but I didn't have time to think about it or anything.
We found an escape, eventually. There are others like me, people from the old land, who have hidden in every city. I recognized their symbol, and we found safe haven, finally. Finally, I could relax, and not worry. 
I would still hide, and be suspicious, and run, but I could relax for just a little while, and trust myself to others. 

Cosplay Commissions~GO!

Hi~! Whoever is reading this >.> ...I'm so happy you are xD 
Anyway. I've decided to start taking cosplay commissions! Ya know, for fun. Cause I love cosplay. And I love making it for other people. And I love there to be more cosplay in the world. You can check out my completed cosplays, for myself and friends, and get more info about requests and stuff over at my commission page: thefoolscosplay
Tell all your friends~! And your family. And your coworkers. And anyone, really. ^_^

Writer's Block: What’s on your mind?

I am thinking about confessing my feelings to a girl who has quickly become one of my best friends. I am so nervous, excited, can't stop thinking about it, about her, daydreaming, anxious, happy, so much happier than I've ever been before. I can't stop thinking about her.
What are you thinking about right now?

Writer's Block: It’s the end of the world

I would drive to see this girl I like, and I would tell her I love her. 
I would call my friend Jeffy in Spain, and hear his smile over the phone.
I would call my DM, and ask if Klypper ever saw Suvi again, and if she loved him.
If you knew today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it, and why?